Thursday, May 19, 2011

Say it ain't so Mariska

I am a HUGE Law and Order SVU fan. HUGE. Sadly, I can’t catch the episodes in first run but I catch them in syndication. Well our beloved Oliva has announced that in the 2011-2012 seasons we will start to see less Liv and their will be the implementation of a new detective. (Mariska wants to focus on her family life but what about her TV family can she just leave us like that???!! I kid...sorta)
UGH. This breaks my heart because sadly I think it will mean the demise of one of my favorite shows. (My husband who's reading this is probally throwing a party as cop shows are his least faveorite tv genre ever)
 Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay have an AMAZING chemistry which makes the show. In fact I think the entire cast has great chemistry except for their ADA’S they just can’t find their niche with the ADA’S. They even had a recent musing in the one of the episodes that they’ve gone through so many ADA’s. Now what is the plot line they are going to use to thin out her character?  It is a well known fact that Olivia is married to her job, what is going be the straw that breaks the camel’s back that makes us see less of Liv. Will she go and do more work with the feds? Is a case going to break her? Will her and Elliot have a fall out?  The biggest question I have is  WHO will be the new detective? Will it be a known talent or a totally new actress? I think it will have to be a female character since the cast is predominantly male. Whoever she is she needs to have strong stage prescience and some fabulous acting skills. NBC i hope you can make this work!

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  1. Marie, I never knew you personally but you and Ken sound like people we'd be friends with. Across our country we're mourning for you and your precious boys Cole & Devin. I hope that the Lord shares with the 3 of you how many prayers are being lifted to him on your behalf. So many of us will have Ken, Arabelle, and your family on our minds and prayers. I promise you that their loss will not go in vain, I have faith and know with certainty the the Lord will comfort, console, and care for them in your absence. Please remember and pray for us before the Lord's Throne.
    In Jesus name I pray.
    Ken - if by chance you read this, know that you're not alone brother, we're here for you.
    Pierre Morcos