Sunday, May 15, 2011

Howards Mom!

Ok it probably seems like I am on a CBS kick. I do enjoy the CBS  line up but I swear I do branch out to other networks. But for today we are going to discuss Big Bang Theory.


When the show first started I was not sure how it would go. I mean David from Roseanne playing a physicist or whatever it is he does. The eldest daughter from 8 Simple Rules and the rest of the cast consists of….who are they? Anyway I do find the show pretty darn funny. So this week’s episode was very interesting. The overall focus was on Howard and his relationship with Bernadette.


As we know Howard and Bernadette are engaged, the problem Howard is Jewish and Bernadette is catholic. Setting up the potential for a problem with Howard’s mother because she is very into her Jewish faith. We also know that Howard is also weak to his mother and gives into her command. So Howard finally gets up to get the courage to tell his mom about their upcoming engagement....while she's on the can! (Her words not mine) Well the next thing we here is someone passing out. Then a few scenes later we are in the hospital and they presume she had a heart attack from the news. Well at least Howard does. What I find very intruding is we have yet to see Howard’s mom. Her voice is infamous on the show and we all have a preconceived notion of what she looks like but yet the writers have chosen to keep her character a secret. Is it going to be like Tim Allen's neighbor Wilson, George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld or Charlie from Charlie's Angels?  A voice that is carried through the entire series but that is never revealed. Will she come to Howard's and Bernadette's wedding or will the writers keep her an enigma? Only time will tell.

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