Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the Emmy Goes to....

Hello everyone,
Happy Summer. I know it’s been a while and I promise I won’t go this long without writing again. But I start off with a very exciting topic. The EMMY’S.  This will probably be my husband’s least favorite topic I discuss as he hates award shows. But I at least need to throw in my two cents. Ok here goes…
In the outstanding drama category I have only seen a few shows. I’ve seen a few episodes of the Good Wife and previous seasons of Friday Night Lights. Well that’s not true I caught like one episode this year. I’m kind of surprised this show got a nod. I used to really enjoy it but it lost its luster to me after a few seasons.  Being it’s in its final season that’s great for the actors and I hope they can pull it off. The Good Wife is a decent show but I don’t think it fits the category of Outstanding Drama. Of course I have only seen a few episodes. That show is right up my alley being a courtroom drama but it just never grabbed me.  If I had to guess what show will win, Boardwalk Empire.  Again I’ve never actually seen it to give my true opinion of the show but I have heard great things and it’s a critically acclaimed show. And frankly, we all know how HBO shows tend to sweep the Emmys. I may have to Netflix this so that I can decide for myself if it is worthy.
In the category of Outstanding Comedy Series I have seen all of these shows except Glee. Gasp, she’s never seen Glee. If you know me the show would be right up my alley but I’d be singing along and driving my husband insane every single week. So I chose not to torture him and never watched it. Plus I mean after so many seasons it would even tire me out. Anyway, I digress. I feel the Community was shafted in this particular category and I question what Parks and Recreation is doing in here. That show lost me at the beginning of last season. 30 Rock had a great season but I think the show is coming close to running its course and just not sure it’s got what the judges are looking for. The Office while still enjoyable is starting to lose me. Then season finale was WEAK.  But there were a few stands out episodes this year. The engagement episode topping the list for me however, I don’t think it will get the nod. That leaves Big Bang and Modern Family. We know from a previous post I LOVE Big Bang and I found SO many episodes this year hilarious.  Then there is Modern Family which we have just started getting into and oh my god that show can make me laugh. They swept the Emmy’s last year and I think they can do it again. But I do hope Big Bang gives them a run for their money and gets the Emmy. I think that show has an amazing cast of characters. If either Modern Family or Big Bang wins I’ll be happy. If Parks and Rec wins I am going to be pissed.
For today that’s all I am going to discuss.  I have to look over the other categories in more depth and see what I’ve seen and I haven’t and try and make informed guesses. But for now chew on those two categories. I mean they are the biggest.  Till tomorrow kids.

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