Friday, May 13, 2011

Winning, duh!

So it seems fitting that I start my blog with Charlie Sheen. I mean who can resist? I certainly can't. So yesterday CBS announced that it would replace Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher. I think that this has some solid potential. I mean Kutcher was hysterical on That 70's Show. I still crack up when someone asks whats in the bag? The Packers winning the superbowl, that’s whats in the bag! Plus it’s not like his movie career has flourished. Dude, where's my car, and Just Married didn't exactly garnish him an Oscar. The Butterfly Effect seems to have been his only foray into dramatic film and Punk'd can only last him for so long. So I am sure when CBS and Chuck Lorre approached him to do this it was a no brainer for him. TV seems to be where Ashton flourishes. Can he pull it off is the million dollar question. I think that if  is done correctly and the writers don't just dismiss the departure of Charlie and find the right storyline for Kutcher I think he can pull it off. With Jon Cryer, Conchata Ferrel and Holland Taylor to back him up I think the show could be hysterical. What kind of storyline will they use? A long lost brother of their obviously promiscuous mother? Charlie decides to try and find himself and goes into the peace corps? Or he really does go off and marry Rose but they need to flee the country from Manny? Whatever it will be it needs to be good. But let’s be realistic it’s not like Sheen's been acting. I mean he's basically been portraying his life; a drunk with too much money on his hands partying and using woman to fill a sad void in his life. The only thing the show was missing was the cocaine. But that’s not suitable for a 9 pm time slot. Who's winning now Charlie?

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